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Designed for Industry Professionals

Muzaic is used by industry pros who book for these venues and more...

We have received high quality submissions through Muzaic.

- The Rap Contest

Overall, super simple and easy to use.

- Orange County Music League

With this app, I can (book a show) in about 2 hours.

- Twisted Soul Entertainment

Muzaic For Performing Artists

Muzaic is a completely free service for artists to connect with the people who hire talent for venues, and corporate and private events. Think of a dating site to find the perfect gig, and never having to pay to get hired!


  Muzaic recommends the right gigs for you

  Gives you a professional looking profile page

  Connects you directly with people who hire talent

  Helps you grow your career

Muzaic For Venues & Talent Bookers

Muzaic is designed to be indespensable to people who hire talent. It allows you to streamline your booking process by finding the right artists that best suit your event or show's needs. Think of a dating site to find the perfect artist match, only then you can book them instantly! 

If time is money to you, Muzaic is like money in the bank. We make hiring talent easy, and booking your entire line-up a snap!


  Muzaic saves you tons of time booking talent

  Gives you the power to make better decisions

  Streamlines communications

  Helps you plan and execute successful shows


Post an unlimited amount of gig opportunities

Get recommendations on the best performers that match your show's criteria

See all activity related to the booking process in a personalized newsfeed

Streamline all communications related to booking an artist

See a history of communications you've had with artists

Search for artists based on type, genre, location, and compensation

Add artists to your favorites list

Maintain personal notes about artists that you’ve communicated with

Get notified about important activity such as bookings and cancellations

See updates on all your shows in a simple to use dashboard

Maintain an at-a-glance calendar about show dates and deadlines

Share your gig opportunities on social media

Venues: Expedite the hiring process

With Muzaic, you can create a show and immediately be recommended the best talent, select your lineup, and complete your booking all from one platform and within minutes. Sign up now and let’s book some shows today.

Artists: Play the right gigs for you

With Muzaic, you can create a profile page and immediately be recommended the best opportunities  and connect directly with the people who do the hiring. Sign up now and let’s get some gigs today.

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